Zigos G. Christosbio

Owner tourism company based in Igoumenitsa Thesprotia Mesovouni called «HOLIDAY ZIGOS» with the following activities: rent furnished rooms and apartments, folk art and organic orchards.

35 years experience in the tourism sector in Igoumenitsa and Corfu. From 1997 to the present owner of several tourism companies acquiring the necessary training as evidenced by the following degrees and diplomas:

- Trainer Certificate SEK of EKEPIS

- Degree of tourism jobs school OAED Corfu

- Proof of English language knowledge

- Certificate ELKEPA for "Management of Tourism Enterprises"

- Degree cook

- Six-month courses Reception and Accounting Department

Tourism Enterprises TEI Igoumenitsa

- Tourist boat operator license

- Driving license coach

- Skills / Computer

I also strongly active in the following areas:

- Board Member Chamber of Thesprotia and Chairman of the Tourism Department

- Chairman for three years and 2 for 2 mandates Secretary of the Federation of Tourism & Rural Accommodation Continent

- Board Member and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of SEEDDE

- President to primary professional associations for many years

- Member of the Prefectural Committee for Tourism 4-year periods, through which I have participated in many exhibitions, tourism in Greece and abroad

- Founder and President for 3 years of the Alpine Club of Thesprotia "The Pegasus" and skilled riding instructor.

- Series of work posts and articles on tourism development and problems of tourism in the continent

- Extensive experience in agrotourism program, Social Tourism and Alternative Tourism

- Vice President of Community vineyards in the primary local government for four years and 2 in the LUCC representative Thesprotia

- Entertainment and Organizer - CATERING

Contact Info

Tel: (+30) 2665022257 , (+30) 2665022573

(+30) 2665025877
Mobile: (+30) 6932029995, (+30) 6937044228

Useful Telephones

Igoumenitsa Bus:
26650 22309
26650 23500
Port Authority of Igoumenitsa:
26650 99400/24231
Tourist Police:
26650 29646
Igoumenitsa Health Center:
26650 24420
Hospital Kisses:
Corfu Airport:
26610 89600
Ioannina Airport:
26510 83600
Municipality of Igoumenitsa:
ADS Igoumenitsa:
26650 29022
Archaeological Museum of Igoumenitsa:
26650 29177
Abbey Giromeri:
26640 22407
Museum Vrellis (Ioannina):
26510 92128
Perama Cave:
26510 81650