Located in Mesovouni, (prefecture of Thesprotia), 16 Km from Igoumenitsa and the new port.

In the beautiful and quiet village of Mesovouni, 16km from the city of Igoumenitsa we have the guest house ‘’Holiday Mesovouni’’. It comprises of furnished two-floor apartments and studios all with fully equipped kitchen, tv, air conditioning, balcony and communal laundry.

From here we offer:


-horse riding

-nature walks

-mountain bike




“HOLIDAY MESOVOUNI” is located at the center of the best places to hunt.

In these locations and in a short distance from the guest house you can legally hunt the following species:


1) At the locations of Boziour and Ksira (2 - 3 km) you can hunt wild boars and hares.
2) At the locations of Limpati and Liuke (1 - 3 km) there are partridges, tourterelles , etc
3) At the locations Lyketho and Stera (1 - 2 km) you can find woodcock, hummingbirds and blackbirds.


a) You can be accompanied by experienced driver - guide
b) There is a large fridge and freezer for maintenance.
c) There is a designated space for staying and guarding the dogs.


The village of Mesovouni is a traditional Greek village on a small 500m mountain amid green surroundings. It has 200 inhabitants and during the summer months many people visit. In the village you can find a traditional Greek coffee shop, a small tavern and a mini-market. 

The people of Mesovouni are mainly farmers are involved in agriculture. Produce available to buy include organic olives, olive oil, honey and delicious meat.
Just 3km away is the village of Mazarakia where you can find two petrol stations, supermarkets and more shops.

Manager: Zigou Giannoula

For information-costs, please telephone us on the following number:
Tel.: (0030) 6932029995

Contact info

cel: 6955 65 98 61

Useful Telephones

Igoumenitsa Bus:
26650 22309
26650 23500
Port Authority of Igoumenitsa:
26650 99400/24231
Tourist Police:
26650 29646
Igoumenitsa Health Center:
26650 24420
Hospital Kisses:
Corfu Airport:
26610 89600
Ioannina Airport:
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ADS Igoumenitsa:
26650 29022
Archaeological Museum of Igoumenitsa:
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Abbey Giromeri:
26640 22407
Museum Vrellis (Ioannina):
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Perama Cave:
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